印度是很特別的,您了解嗎,看看中文的印度世界,讓您更深入這個國家,金磚四國佔了43%的全球人口中的 "印度"

張貼者: 『楓葉』部落格、『鋒燁』部落格!(錢滾錢俱樂部-家族) 價值


印度是很特別的,您了解嗎,看看中文的印度世界,讓您更深入這個國家,金磚四國佔了43%的全球人口中的 "印度"




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- IE Finance -財務

With government along with the key-cabinet ministers in place, equity markets might continue their winning rally in the coming week.與政府一起關鍵內閣部長中,股票市場可能會繼續他們的勝利集會在未來一周。 However, with weak cues from the global markets and profit-booking by the investors, domestic market might remain volatile, as expiry of future and option for the month of May series ends this week....然而,薄弱的線索來自全球的市場和利潤預訂的投資者,國內市場可能會保持較強的波動性,因為未來的到期和選擇5月份的一系列結束本週....


Post-election ambiguities 選舉後的含糊不清之處

The newspaper and news channels headlines have been screaming out about the market's post-election gains with immense vigour after all.這家報紙和新聞頻道的頭條新聞已經尖叫了對市場的選舉後的收益與巨大的活力畢竟。



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(Based on technical by OP AGARWAL) (基於技術的任擇議定書阿加瓦爾)
Markets appear buoyant ahead of F & O expiry市場出現活躍的前樓及ö屆滿
The previous week had a brilliant start with the Sensex making history by surging a record 2000 points forcing the market regulator to halt trading for the day following the Congress-led UPA front winning a strong mandate in general elections 2009.前一周開始了輝煌的指標創造了歷史紀錄飆升2000點迫使市場監管,制止交易翌日國大黨領導的印度前贏得一個強有力的授權,在2009年普選。 The sentiment remained buoyant throughout the week except some profit booking seen in between.情緒仍然活躍整個星期預訂除了看到一些獲利之間。 While the Sensex shot up by 1,713 points or over 14% to 13,887, the Nifty rose 566 points or 15.44% to 4238.50.儘管上證綜指上漲了1713點,或超過14 % ,至13887 ,上漲566的可愛點或15.44 %至4238.50 。 Markets are expected to remain firm this week, following positive global cues and optimism that the new government will accelerate economic reforms.市場將繼續堅定這個星期之後,全球線索,並積極樂觀地認為,新政府將加速經濟改革。 Further, investors are relieved that key portfolios have been allocated to old hands.此外,投資者欣慰的是,關鍵的投資組合已分配給老手。 However, readers are cautioned that with the F & O expiry this Thursday, markets may witness high volatility and hence, one needs to trade with caution with strict stops.然而,讀者請注意,與F & ö屆滿本星期四,市場可能大幅波動的證人,因此,需要對貿易持謹慎態度,嚴格停止。
NIFTY FUTURE (Last close 4252.75)可愛的未來(最後收4252.75 )
The counter after huge gap up opening last Monday following the Congress-led UPA win closed the week with a massive gain of 567 points making a high of 4620 and a low of 4052.The counter witnessed profit booking at higher levels during the week but market sentiment remains upbeat.櫃檯後,巨大的差距高達上週一開幕後國大黨領導的國大黨贏得關閉一周的大規模增加567點,使4620的高點和低點, 4052.The櫃檯預訂目睹利潤較高水平,但在本週市場情緒仍然樂觀。 NF may oscillate between 4143-4412 this week, break above NF may move up to 4531/4619 or else break below NF may slip to 4078/4010.核轉錄因子可能4143-4412之間振盪,本週突破因子可能升至四千六百十九分之四千五百三十一否則跌破因子可能下滑至4010分之4078 。 For today's trading the counter will gain strength once it trades and remains above 4302.75 whereby it may move up to 4339/4361.今天的交易櫃檯將獲得力量,一旦交易和仍高於4302.75其中可能上升到四千三百六十一分之四千三百三十九。 Strong support for NF exists at 4197.25 which if breached decisively NF may slide to 4163/4141.大力支持因子存在於4197.25 ,如果違反了決定性因子可能下滑至4141分之4163 。
TATA POWER FUTURE (Last close 1046.65)塔塔電力未來(最後收1046.65 )
The Company generates and supplies electricity in Mumbai and its suburbs.該公司供應電力生成和在孟買和郊區。 The company also constructs and operates independent power plants as well as captive power plants for industrial concerns and also provides various services related to electricity distribution, erection and commissioning of transmission lines.該公司還建造並經營獨立電廠以及圈養電廠工業的關注,並提供各種服務與電力分配,安裝和調試的輸電線路。 The company recently commissioned 1x120 MW - power house 6 at Jamshedpur for Tata Steel.該公司最近委託1x120兆瓦-廠房6賈姆謝普爾的塔塔鋼鐵公司。 The board meeting of the Company will be held on 28 May 2009 to consider the final accounts and recommendation of dividend (if any) for the year ended 31 March 2009.董事會會議的公司定於2009年5月28日審議決算和建議股息(如有)終了年度2009年3月31日。 Meantime, the stock in line with the euphoria in the market surged around 14% during the last week.與此同時,庫存符合市場的樂觀情緒在上漲約14 %的最後一周。 The stock still appears positive on charts and may move up to 1062/1069 once it trades and remains above 1053.75.股票仍然顯示積極的圖表,並可能上升到一千〇六十九分之一千〇六十二一旦行業和仍高於1053.75 。 Strong support for the stock exists at 1043.25.堅決支持股市存在於1043.25 。
INFOSYS FUTURE (Last close 1527.25) InfoSys為未來(最後收1527.25 )
The company is India's second largest software outsourcer by sales which provides information technology services to a host of enterprises worldwide.該公司是印度第二大軟件外包商的銷售,提供信息技術服務的主機的企業。 The stock of the company suffered during the past week owing to sharp appreciation of Rupee against US dollar since the company gets most of their revenue in dollars and every 1% rupee movement against the dollar impacts operating margins by 40 to 50 basis points.股票,該公司遭受在過去的一周裡,由於盧比大幅升值,因為對美元的公司獲得的大部分收入都以美元和1 %移動盧比對美元的匯率影響的經營利潤率由40至50個基點。 Further, the company is reported to be eyeing an acquisition of about $200-$300 million in the healthcare or lifestyle segment to augment its presence in the sector.此外,該公司報告,瞄準收購約200美元- $ 300萬美元的醫療保健或生活方式部分,以增強其在該部門。 Meantime, the stock closed on Friday with marginal gain and appears to be consolidating at current levels.與此同時,股市上週五的邊際收益和似乎是鞏固在目前的水平。 The stock may move further up to 1549/1562 once it trades and remains above 1536.75.股市可能進一步行動一千五百六十二分之一千五百四十九一旦行業和仍高於1536.75 。 Strong support for the stock exists at 1523.25.堅決支持股市存在於1523.25 。
Readers may avoid trading in the above recommended stocks讀者可避免交易中的上述建議股票
unless, they have risk taking capacity.否則,他們有承擔風險的能力。
Protect profits with trailing stops and cut losses fast.保護利潤尾隨停止和減少損失快。
Avoid adding contracts in loss making trades避免增加合同交易虧損

與政府一起關鍵內閣部長中,股票市場可能會繼續他們的勝利集會在未來一周。 However, with weak cues from the global markets and profit-booking by the investors, domestic market might remain volatile, as expiry of future and option for the month of May series ends this week.然而,薄弱的線索來自全球的市場和利潤預訂的投資者,國內市場可能會保持較強的波動性,因為未來的到期和選擇5月份的一系列這個星期結束。

With huge inflows in the mid-cap and small-cap indices in the last week, market players sense that, retail investors have entered the market.隨著大量流入的中型股和小型股指數在上週,市場參與者意義的是,散戶投資者進入市場。

In last one week, Sensex ( ^BSESN : 13887.15 0在過去一周,上證綜指( ^ BSESN信息: 13887.15 0 ) added over 14%, while Nifty ( ^NSEI : 4226.4 -12.1 )增加了14 % ,而這些可愛的( ^ NSEI : 4226.4 -12.1 ) was up by 15%. )上漲了15 % 。 On Friday, last trading day of previous week, the 30-share Sensex of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) added 150/61 points or 1.10% to close the day at 13,887.15 points.上週五,最後一個交易日的前一周, 30樣的孟買證券交易所(瘋牛病)補充61分之150點或1.10 % ,收在13,887.15點一天。 The broader SandP CNX Nifty of National Stock Exchange (NSE) ended the day at 4,238.50 points gaining 27.60 points or 0.66%.東SandP碳氮可愛的國家證券交易所(化酶)收報4,238.50點,上漲27.60點,或0.66 % 。

Dealers in the market say that, after the Congress led UP comfortably coming to power, they should now fast bring the ailing Indian economy back of track and start initiating policy programs.交易商在市場上說,此次大會之後導致舒舒服服上台,他們現在應該迅速將患病回到印度經濟的軌道,並開始著手政策的計劃。

Even with markets continuing their upward rally last week, huge volatility was seen in the market, despite foreign institutional investors (FII) being the net buyers.即使市場繼續向上反彈,上週巨大的波動是在市場上看到,儘管外國機構投資者(膜)的淨買家。 An analyst from the leading broking house said, "In the last one week we have witnessed huge inflows in the market. But we can't say, that this upward rally can sustain, as last week US markets closed the day in red. So there are chances that Indian markets might remain under pressure when it opens on Monday."分析師領先經紀房子說: “在過去的一周,我們看到大量流入市場。但是,我們不能說,這可以保持向上反彈,因為上週美國股市的這一天,紅色。因此,有機會,印度市場可能繼續承受壓力時,它會打開星期一。 “

A dealer from the market said, "Markets might remain in a consolidation phase, we might remain under pressure. However we have to see will FII continue their buying. Last week we also witnessed domestic institutional investors (DII) continuing their profit-booking."交易商從市場上說, “市場也許留在鞏固階段,我們可能會繼續面臨壓力。然而我們必須看到將膜繼續購買。上個星期,我們也看到國內機構投資者(直接投資收益)繼續獲利預訂。 “

On Friday last trading day of previous week US market closed the day with minimal losses, Dow Jones Industrial average was down by 14.81 points or 0.18% to close the day at 8,277.32 points.上週五最後一個交易日的前一周美國市場關閉一天以最少的損失,道瓊斯工業平均指數下跌14.81點或0.18 %,收在8,277.32點一天。 Nasdaq composite closed at 1,692.01 points down by 3.24 points or 0.19%.那斯達克綜合指數收於1,692.01點,下跌3.24點,或0.19 % 。

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    Nearly a year after selling his family s entire 35% stake in the country s largest drug manufacturer, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, to Japanese firm Daiichi Sankyo, Malvinder Singh on Sunday stepped down as the company s chairman, CEO and managing...近一年後,他的家人出售整個縣35 %的股份在該國最大的毒品製造商,蘭伯西實驗有限公司,以日本公司第一三共, Malvinder辛格週日辭去公司董事長,總裁和管理...

  • Fake drugs 假藥

    - Indian Express - Mon 25 May, 02:36 AM -印度快報 -星期一至5月25日,上午2時36

    Much to the chagrin of the Indian pharmaceutical industry and patients alike, fake drugs are everywhere.許多懊惱的印度的製藥業和病人一樣,到處都是假藥。 Successful brands are being faked and sold on an unprecedented scale in India.成功的品牌被假冒和銷售以前所未有的規模在印度。 So much so that fake allopathic as well as homeopathic medicines...以至於假對抗以及順勢療法的藥物...

  • Multiplier effect can help logistics flourish: report 乘數效應可以幫助物流蓬勃發展:報告

    - Indian Express - Mon 25 May, 02:36 AM -印度快報 -星期一至5月25日,上午2時36

    India has a long road to travel for developing logistics concept.印度的道路是漫長的旅行發展物流的概念。 The development strategy includes brainstorming on issues ranging from quality, pitfalls, coordination and development of logistics parks in India, said CBS Venkataraman, joint...的發展戰略包括集思廣益的問題,從質量,缺陷,協調和發展物流園在印度,哥倫比亞廣播公司•文卡塔拉曼說,聯合...

  • Markets to remain upbeat on stable govt 市場仍然樂觀穩定政府

    - Indian Express - Mon 25 May, 02:36 AM -印度快報 -星期一至5月25日,上午2時36

    With government along with the key-cabinet ministers in place, equity markets might continue their winning rally in the coming week.與政府一起關鍵內閣部長中,股票市場可能會繼續他們的勝利集會在未來一周。 However, with weak cues from the global markets and profit-booking by the investors, domestic market might remain...然而,薄弱的線索來自全球的市場和利潤預訂的投資者,國內市場可能會繼續...

  • MF industry raises exposure in banking, realty sectors 物流業提出了暴露在銀行,房地產行業

    - Indian Express - Mon 25 May, 02:35 AM -印度快報 - 5月25日星期一,上午02時35

    Indian mutual fund (MF) industry has started investing in the equity market slowly in contrast to its practice of sitting on pile of cash since the beginning of this year.印度共同基金(物流)行業已開始投資於股票市場緩慢相反,按照慣例,坐在一堆現金自今年年初。 However, with interest rate coming down coupled with valuations being...但是,隨著利率下降,加上估值正在...

  • Global carriers line up offers to attract Indian travellers 全球運營商提供了線以吸引印度遊客

    - Indian Express - Mon 25 May, 02:35 AM -印度快報 - 5月25日星期一,上午02時35

    International carriers, in an initiative to boost their revenues, have come up with attractive offers to woo Indian travellers and also tide over the bad times persisting in the sector.國際運營商,在一項倡議,以提高他們的收入,卻是有吸引力的優惠,以吸引旅遊者和印度也渡過壞倍堅持部門。 Carriers like London-based British Airways (BA), SriLankan...運營商像總部設在倫敦的英國航空公司( BA )的,斯里蘭卡...

    巴西財經 中文翻譯 站


    印度財經 中文翻譯 站|zh-TW&u=http://in.finance.yahoo.com/&tbb=1&rurl=translate.google.com.tw&usg=ALkJrhg97Hslk6SEn_uOIeuAbZlxK8nDyQ

    印度財經 中文翻譯 2站


    「BARRON'S」(霸榮周刊) 中文翻譯



    印度是很特別的,您了解嗎,看看中文的印度世界,讓您更深入這個國家,金磚四國佔了43%的全球人口中的 "印度"


    印度是很特別的,您了解嗎,看看中文的印度世界,讓您更深入這個國家,金磚四國佔了43%的全球人口中的 "印度"

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